About Us
Here at Cass/cade Distributing Inc. customer service and product knowledge is our #1 priority. From industry leading products to first class personalized one on one service we truly do want to earn your business.

Aaron Stanford is our owner and having detailed and been a detail manager for 5+ years he truly knows, not only what our products do, but how to use them. From hydroflouric and sulferic acids to caustic and non caustic degreasers knowledge of our products is what he does best.

Jim Elsner is our detail supplies sales manager and worked with pennzoil motor oil company for  20+ years. He has been with our company 5 years now. Jim is very passionate about what he does for a living and simply will not sell an item unless he knows just about everything there is to know about that item and has used the product himself.

Sean Cooper is our restaurant/ paper products sales manager and brings a lot to the table. He has worked in the grocery business and in beer and beverage sales for marine view beverage. He has been with us for 6 months now. If there is a specialty item that our customer needs chances are Sean will find it for that customer in a efficient and timely manner.
Automotive Detail Supplies

Aaron Stanford-

Jim Elsner
Sales Manager

Restaurant/Janitorial Supplies

Sean Cooper
Sales Manager

Accounts Manager

Roger Stanford